Design strategy

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The brand's visualization directly depends on its positioning and strategic direction. However, in some cases it may be necessary to consider the development of your strategy and design not as subsequent stages, but rather as an integral and inseparable process.

A design strategy will make it possible to define changes in details of the brand image depending on a specific strategic direction.

Visual identification consist of the following elements: color and font schemes, brand graphics and photostyle. If necessary, the analysis can be completed with specifics of the brand image in particular points of interaction with customers, manner of communication and copyright finer points.

Design strategies treat design as a construction set (using references), providing various combinations of elements according to different areas of brand positioning and determining the most prospective direction together with the customer.

For example, we developed a design strategy for the KFC brand to adapt it to the Russian market. Two possible positioning directions were chosen: 1) A global brand focused on the local audience, and 2) A global brand with international values. Depending on the direction, the brand had to possess certain features in each identity aspect.