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One of the main activities of Alyance company is the provision of a full range of services in the field of distribution of FMCG-products. In 2016 the company was searching for new market opportunities and took decision to launch its own wine brand. Within the framework of the project Depot branding agency was tasked to create brand strategy, namimg, and package design of a new product line.

Alexey Fadeev, Creative Director of Depot: «It is virtually impossible to create a wine brand that will have radically different positioning from its direct competitors. Wine is one of the most acient alcoholic beverage categories. Wine brand quantity is in thousands. There are a great amount of trade marks for every taste. However, the market continues to grow: we face increasing demand and consumption, heightened interest to wine restaurants and bars and the whole retail industry growth. Against the reducing of European wines with democratic prices it was a kind of lucky moment for launching a new wine brand.»

Fara Kuchkarov, Strategic Director of Depot: «For the most consumers the choice of wine isn’t complicated anymore. Wine is no longer viewed as nobel beverage. Moreover, today there is growing interest in the relationship between women and wine. Also wine became a trend among young people. It’s become fashionable for them.»

The main goal was to change consumers’ attitude to wine. Following the extensive research our team desided to create a simple and intuitive wine brand with democratic price for inexperienced audience. For those who are not intended to be «experts» but just want to drink a glass of wine. Simple and concise naming ONLYWINE, minimalism, laconic and informative package label reflect this positioning.

Depot also developed a special navigation through ONLYWINE line. As a result, it became much easier to choose. We offered to focus on the key characteristics of the each type of wine. It allows consumers to make a quick purchase decision in accordance with their actual wishes.