Papa Care

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In order to help the company stand out from its rivals, experts from Depot and the company Biogard decided to focus on a little bit of consumer insight: new mums’ desire that their husbands should be involved in the process of looking after baby. Using the image of a hands-on and caring father, the image of Papa Care communicates feelings that are unique in the Russian market for children's cosmetics. The brand conveys the idea, for the female target audience, that dads must play an active role in the process of bringing up a child, showing paternal love, tenderness and concern right from the start of the baby's life. Even inexperienced fathers will want to look after their baby, and will be able to do so, with the help of the simple, user-friendly cosmetics made by Papa Care.

Aleksei Fadeev, Creative Director of Depot: «As we all know, mum is the most important person in any baby's life. She takes all the key decisions when it comes to looking after the child and bringing the child up. And it is to mums that all the manufacturers of children’s cosmetics appeal. But a family is more than just a mum. There are fascinating, multi-faceted relationships between mums, dads and children. When we designed the packaging for the new brand of children's cosmetics, Papa Care, we created an image that inspires confidence in dads and affection in mums.»