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Ragout is a trendy cafe in the heart of Moscow which offers an eclectic menu and is focused on the global gastronomic process. It's «a place for those who not only love great-tasting food, but also a restaurant that has great taste». Ragout’s chefs — Aleksei Zimin, Ilya Shalev and Taras Kirienko — are media figures who are known for many other things in addition to their cooking. Ragout recently introduced a new grill menu. Depot was asked to come up with an interesting and unusual way of announcing the launch of the menu, while also reminding diners about the star quality of its chefs.

Clients’ bills, which we collected at the restaurant, served as ideal «canvases» for the project: after all, heat-sensitive bills change colour when they come into contact with hot objects. As a result, three portraits of Ragout’s chefs were drawn onto these «canvases» with red-hot grill forks. These unusual posters, which immediately catch the eye, explain to diners what it is they are getting when they order something from the new menu. And what they are getting is nothing short of a grilled masterpiece.

Alexander Zagorsky, Art Director of Depot: «Ragout’s chefs create authentic culinary masterpieces using just one kitchen utensil: a grill fork. So the thought occurred to us: why not create works of art using the very same utensil?»