Publications: 2011


Media Partner: Dizao Organics: keeping it clean and simple

07.12.2011 Media Partner

'It's brilliant' - it is the usual designer's review on our latest big project for Disao Organics brand.

The Dieline: I will

01.12.2011 The Dieline

The Dieline one of the largest American resource devoted to design of packing published our project for the I Will brand. Editors of a portal agreed that the toffees is not that eat with the square face.

Corporate Identity Portal: Corporate Identity for the annual World Communication Forum in Davos

17.11.2011 Corporate Identity Portal

CI-portal published an interview with our CEO Alexey Andreev about Corporate Identity for annual Communication Forum 2012 in Davos.

PRI: Hollywood Stars Appearing in Russian Advertisements

10.10.2011 PRI

Alexey Andreev comments the Hollywood stars endorsement in russian advertisment.

Food Packages: Package design: innovative concepts

16.09.2011 Food Packages

'This isn’t your typical paper shopping bag!' - this is how the Food Packages portal describes our EcoBag concept that was a finalist of PACK EXPO 2011.

Russia Beyond The Headlines: Russian marketing wins global recognition

04.08.2011 Russia Beyond The Headlines

Alexeiy Andreev and Alexey Fadeev took a chance starting a business in the branding industry in 1998, but international recognition shows their risk has paid off. Read an interview with founders of Depot WPF branding agency published by Russia Beyond The Headlines.

EHI Retail Institute: Verpackung für einen bestimmten Lebensstil

13.07.2011 EHI

German Retail Institute published our packing design for Wonderful Life brand. Wonderful chocolate for a certain life style.

Chill Hour: The original packaging

05.07.2011 Chill Hour

A Chill Hour portal presents an article about the winners of The DieLine awards 2011. Depot WPF got the silver for the project for Dizao Organics.

The Dieline: The Dieline Awards 2011: Second Place - Dizao Organic

24.06.2011 The Dieline

Depot WPF branding agency got the silver of The Dieline Awards 2011 for Dizao Organics project. The Dieline is the most authoritative in the world news resource about design of packing. Therefore we are very proud to receive this award.

Design collector: Cannes Lions – Russia on cord

22.06.2011 Design collector

Design Collector prepared the selection of the russian winners of the latest Cannes Lions. This year we became the first ever Rusian agency that won Silver Lion in Design cathegory for milk package.

International Design Yearbook 2011: Design Packaging

16.05.2011 International Design Yearbook 2011

Three brands (Comilfo, Maitre de Sucre, Toro Loko) developed by Depot WPF branding agency was included in annual International Design Yearbook 2011.

Inspirationlab: Depot WPF (MLK)

04.05.2011 Inspirationlab

We continue to find enthusiastic reviews of our packing design project for MLK Dairy brand. We think there are no indifferent proffesionals in design to this project.

New Grids: Pentawards 2011

10.03.2011 New Grids

French New Grids published the results of Pentawards 2011. This year we got the Silver for our packing design for MLK dairy brand.

The Moscow News: Mirax or mirage?

05.03.2011 The Moscow News

Alexey Andreev comments the situation around the Mirax brand and says that he 'would be happy to take it off Polonsky’s hands'.