Publications: 2013


POPSOP: Biweekly Design roundup

03.12.2013 POPSOP

POPSOP.COM assessed Depot WPF branding agency as one of '17 brilliant brand and design agencies' and included four our projects (Croisette, Heinz, Papa Care and Bonduelle) in its selection of best design projects of 2 weeks.

Forbes: Fine Tuning: how to reveal the true face of a customer

02.12.2013 Forbes Magazine

At Forbes's Magazine request Alexey Fadeev told why it is so important to sell children's and man's products to women.

POPSOP: Weekly Design roundup

05.11.2013 POPSOP

POPSOP.COM - the resource that offers hand-picked news and insights on brand communications for marketing, design and media professionals worldwide, included our work on the '1928' brand in its weekly design roundup.

POPSOP: Weekly Design roundup

01.11.2013 POPSOP

Our project for Comilfo brand was included in a POPSOP.COM weekly design roundup.

The Dieline: Myllyn Paras Flour

22.10.2013 The Dieline

The Dieline - the most visited website on package design in the world published our Myllyn Paras Flour project.

Creapix blog: Eco-Friendly Package Designs:15 Ways To Go Green

17.10.2013 Creapix

Our EcoBag by Vera Zvereva, Maria Mordvintseva, and Julia Zhdanova was included in Creapix blog list of 15 Eco-friendly package design. Загадочный продукт Weizen Bier


Metro Newspaper: Positive comments about goods and services sell for 60 rubles per item

25.09.2013 Metro Newspaper

Leaving negative or positive comments turned into profitable business. Up to 50% of comments are banned by Russian shops. In the USA this problem is handled yet by the Highest Court Instance. Alexey Andreev told about how to generate a flow of positive comments using fair means.

Makamo: Packagings creativos de la leche

19.09.2013 Mokamo

Makamo is a spanish design portal prepared a list of creative package design of dairy products where our MLK design was included.

Forbes Magazine: Outstanding triviality. Why consumer's infantility helps brands.

11.09.2013 Forbes Magazine

Alexey Andreev, CEO and partner of Depot WPF branding agency, at the Forbes's magazine request prepared an article about 'limited edition' - one of the most graceful and powerful marketing tools that handled consumer activity.

The Dieline: Koe-Chto (Somewhat)

23.07.2013 The Dieline

The Dieline is the most authoritative in the world news resource about design of packing told about our new project Koe-Chto (Somewhat) developed for Megapack concern. Editorial staff of a portal highly appreciated a limonade brand with an ostrich on package.

World Packaging Design Society: Depot WPF - Vysoko-vysoko (Sky-high)

14.06.2013 World Packaging Design Society

Our package design for Vysoko-vysoko (Sky-high) dairy brand has appeared on a World Packaging Design Society website.

Creative Inspiration: Vysoko-vysoko (Sky-high)

14.06.2013 Creative Inspiration

Our package design for Vysoko-vysoko (Sky-high) brand was noted by Creative Inspiration portal.

Retail Design Blog: Vysoko-vysoko milk branding by Depot WPF

13.06.2013 Retail Design Blog

Retail Design Blog published an article about our design project for Vysoko-vysoko (sky-high) dairy brand.

Package Inspiration: Vysoko-Vysoko (Sky-High)

13.06.2013 Package Inspiration

Package Inspiration - the resource about design of packing has published our design project for Vysoko-vysoko (Sky-high) dairy brand.

Metro Newspaper: Russians are tired of flow of brands.

07.06.2013 Metro Newspaper

Thousands of goods shout 'Buy me!' from shop's shelves. Conumers are tired of trade marks and would prefer to save only a third of them. This results are made after the survey of 134 thousand people from 23 countries about their attitude to 700 leading brands conducted by Havas company. Svyatoslav Tarasenko, correspondent of Metro Newspaper, asked Depot WPF branding agency to comment how the results of the survey are relevant in Russia.

The Dieline: Vysoko-vysoko (Sky-high)

04.06.2013 The Dieline

The Dieline - the most authoritative in the world news resource about design of packing told about our brand Vysoko-vysoko (Sky-high) developed for Minskoblproduct company. According to editorship of the resource, the project hit the Weekly Top 10 Package Designs on The Dieline.

FoodBev: Vysoko-Vysoko milk from Minskoblproduct

31.05.2013 FoodBev

Food Beverage is the source that cater to the food and beverage industry published an article about our project for Vysoko-vysoko (Sky-high) dairy brand. We hope to win a FoodBev award this year!


25.05.2013 Say What

Italian Say What included two our works for Vysoko-vysoko (Sky-high) and Koe-Chto (Something) brand in itw weekly design roundup.

POPSOP: Weekly Design roundup

17.05.2013 POPSOP

Our projects for Koye-Chto (Something) and Vysoko-vysoko (Sky-high) brands were presented in Popsop's weekly design review.

StockLogos: Sky-high (Vysoko-vysoko) Dairy Brand Logo and Packaging

06.02.2013 StockLogos the world's largest identity design community has published our packing design project for Vysoko-vysoko (Sky-high) dairy brand. It`s an honor for us to see our works in this community.