Publications: 2015



26.10.2015 EPDA

Every month european packaging design association experts choose a topic and review interesting cases in this sphere in their countries. In this edition of our series we take a look at BEER, which is an important product in the portfolio of epda members working with the food and drink industry. Our review covers a wide area, from Italy and Turkey in the south to Siberia in the east, as well as the north-west of Russia, France and Germany.

EPICA book: Creative communications by Depot WPF

23.09.2015 EPICA Awards

A very special present from Paris just arrived at Depot WPF! And two projects of our agency are among them #epicabookishere

Packaging Of The World: Milk & Honey Land Project By Depot WPF

04.08.2015 Packaging of the world

10 projects you can't miss this July ─ Milk & Honey Land by Depot WPF.

Forbes: The Earning Power Of Recession

14.07.2015 Forbes Russia

Economic factors can easily work for your brand. Many companies make profit out of it while recession. CEO and Managing partner of Depot WPF Alexey Andreev – on situational marketing for Forbes Russia.

POPSOP: Bimonthly design news roundup

02.03.2015 POPSOP published a list of 13 best works in the field of packaging design for January and February 2015. One of the latest works of Depot WPF branding agencyfor Heineken - rice beer Feilong - was noted among them.

The Dieline: Catch The Touch

06.02.2015 The Dieline

The Dieline - the most visited website on package design in the world published our bed linen bran concept Catch The Touch. Des produits "patriotiques" dans les supermarchés en Russie


The leading online magazine for Francophones about Russia asked the General Director of Depot WPF Alexei Andreev to comment the Russian patriotic feelings wave in packaging design and branding.

Lebensmittel zeitung: Identifying needs and stimulating interest visually

12.01.2015 Lebensmittel zeitung

Lebensmittel zeitung weekly has included our project "Vysoko-Vysoko" (Sky-high) in the list of successful cases in an article on the perceptions of packaging.