Publications: Alexey Andreev


Russia Beyond: Is Russia ready for a woman president?

03.11.2017 Russia Beyond

Does a woman really have a serious chance to become President of Russia? If so, then what type of person must she be in order to win the hearts of ordinary people? A striking young beauty, or a wise ‘iron lady’ in her fifties? Alexey Andreev comments the situation.

TASS: MADE IN RUSSIA: creating a national brand

05.06.2017 TASS

Comments on the results of SPIEF-2017

Metro: how much St.Petersburg is gonna pay for the Olympic Games 2028


According to daily "Metro", Saint-Petersburg can be the place of the Summer Olympic Games in 2028.

Izvestia:Russia as a kerchief and a kaleidoscope


The editorial board of the newspaper «Izvestia» share the impression of the pre-concept of the touristic brand of Russia, presented on Friday. The next step - the popular vote for the best soulution. what 2017 will bring for branding?


The portal about marketing and advertising asked the managing partner of Depot WPF Alexey Andreev to tell about the results of 2016 and prospects of 2017 for the branding industry.

Forbes: The Earning Power Of Recession

14.07.2015 Forbes Russia

Economic factors can easily work for your brand. Many companies make profit out of it while recession. CEO and Managing partner of Depot WPF Alexey Andreev – on situational marketing for Forbes Russia. Des produits "patriotiques" dans les supermarchés en Russie


The leading online magazine for Francophones about Russia asked the General Director of Depot WPF Alexei Andreev to comment the Russian patriotic feelings wave in packaging design and branding.

Forbes: Apple Sovereign: how Sady Pridonya (Pridon Gardens) fights for juicy industry leadership.

30.06.2014 Forbes Magazine

Sady Pridonya (Pridon Gardens) didn't sell out to WBD and Coca Cola. Why Andrey Samokhin, the owner of the company, prefers to be independent and how his company stays competitive? Alexey Andreev, CEO of Depot WPF branding agency, told the correspondent of the Forbes Magazine about an agency's contribution to the company's success.

Forbes: Protective Marketing: how to be prepared to changes

09.04.2014 Forbes Magazine

Alexey Andreev, CEO and partner of Depot WPF branding agency, continues to reveal secrets of marketing in his column on

ITAR-TASS: The Government of the Russian Federation abandonment of using IPad will not affect the profits of Apple and Samsung

26.03.2014 ITAR-TASS

Abandonment of the Government of the Russian Federation of using Apple's Ipad to the advantage of Samsung gadgets will not affect the profit or image of companies in Russia - in the estimation of specialists, including Alexey Andreev.

Forbes: Fine Tuning: how to reveal the true face of a customer

02.12.2013 Forbes Magazine

At Forbes's Magazine request Alexey Fadeev told why it is so important to sell children's and man's products to women.

Metro Newspaper: Positive comments about goods and services sell for 60 rubles per item

25.09.2013 Metro Newspaper

Leaving negative or positive comments turned into profitable business. Up to 50% of comments are banned by Russian shops. In the USA this problem is handled yet by the Highest Court Instance. Alexey Andreev told about how to generate a flow of positive comments using fair means.

Forbes Magazine: Outstanding triviality. Why consumer's infantility helps brands.

11.09.2013 Forbes Magazine

Alexey Andreev, CEO and partner of Depot WPF branding agency, at the Forbes's magazine request prepared an article about 'limited edition' - one of the most graceful and powerful marketing tools that handled consumer activity.

Forbes Magazine: Labeling Depot

03.01.2012 Forbes Magazine

Brand name, packaging, logo. Sometime they work, but not always. Why is it so? Ivan Prosvetov, Forbes's correspondent, tried to hunt down a question by visiting the office of Depot WPF branding agency.

Corporate Identity Portal: Corporate Identity for the annual World Communication Forum in Davos

17.11.2011 Corporate Identity Portal

CI-portal published an interview with our CEO Alexey Andreev about Corporate Identity for annual Communication Forum 2012 in Davos.

PRI: Hollywood Stars Appearing in Russian Advertisements

10.10.2011 PRI

Alexey Andreev comments the Hollywood stars endorsement in russian advertisment.

Russia Beyond The Headlines: Russian marketing wins global recognition

04.08.2011 Russia Beyond The Headlines

Alexeiy Andreev and Alexey Fadeev took a chance starting a business in the branding industry in 1998, but international recognition shows their risk has paid off. Read an interview with founders of Depot WPF branding agency published by Russia Beyond The Headlines.

The Moscow News: Mirax or mirage?

05.03.2011 The Moscow News

Alexey Andreev comments the situation around the Mirax brand and says that he 'would be happy to take it off Polonsky’s hands'.