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Russia Beyond: Is Russia ready for a woman president?

03.11.2017 Russia Beyond

Does a woman really have a serious chance to become President of Russia? If so, then what type of person must she be in order to win the hearts of ordinary people? A striking young beauty, or a wise ‘iron lady’ in her fifties? Alexey Andreev comments the situation.

TASS: MADE IN RUSSIA: creating a national brand

05.06.2017 TASS

Comments on the results of SPIEF-2017

Metro: how much St.Petersburg is gonna pay for the Olympic Games 2028


According to daily "Metro", Saint-Petersburg can be the place of the Summer Olympic Games in 2028. how to turn the shop shelf into the most effective communication channel of your brand.


This was the title of the report of our Creative Director Anastasia Tretyakova at the last exhibition "Packaging-2017". what 2017 will bring for branding?


The portal about marketing and advertising asked the managing partner of Depot WPF Alexey Andreev to tell about the results of 2016 and prospects of 2017 for the branding industry.

The Dieline: KARAT Cottage

12.07.2016 The Dieline

KARAT, a Moscow-based cheese factory, has been undergoing a complex rebranding, and KARAT Cottage is their latest endeavor. The Dieline published the new dairy brand includes items such as cottage cheese, sour cream, and butter. Depot WPF designed this third line, creating something modern and fun.

FoodBev Media: What a the judges looking for?

27.04.2016 FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media that offers all you need to know about food and drink innovation and trends around the world asked Depot WPF managing partner Anna Lukanina to tell about her expectations being a part of jury of the World Dairy Innovation Awards. Des produits "patriotiques" dans les supermarchés en Russie


The leading online magazine for Francophones about Russia asked the General Director of Depot WPF Alexei Andreev to comment the Russian patriotic feelings wave in packaging design and branding.

Lebensmittel zeitung: Identifying needs and stimulating interest visually

12.01.2015 Lebensmittel zeitung

Lebensmittel zeitung weekly has included our project "Vysoko-Vysoko" (Sky-high) in the list of successful cases in an article on the perceptions of packaging.

World Packaging Design Society: DEPOT WPF - GARNACHA CENTENARIA WINE

30.12.2014 World Packaging Design Society

World Packaging Design Society has published our project Label Gap for Crianzas y Viñedos R. Reverte wine producer.

Forbes: Apple Sovereign: how Sady Pridonya (Pridon Gardens) fights for juicy industry leadership.

30.06.2014 Forbes Magazine

Sady Pridonya (Pridon Gardens) didn't sell out to WBD and Coca Cola. Why Andrey Samokhin, the owner of the company, prefers to be independent and how his company stays competitive? Alexey Andreev, CEO of Depot WPF branding agency, told the correspondent of the Forbes Magazine about an agency's contribution to the company's success.

ITAR-TASS: The Government of the Russian Federation abandonment of using IPad will not affect the profits of Apple and Samsung

26.03.2014 ITAR-TASS

Abandonment of the Government of the Russian Federation of using Apple's Ipad to the advantage of Samsung gadgets will not affect the profit or image of companies in Russia - in the estimation of specialists, including Alexey Andreev. Загадочный продукт Weizen Bier


Metro Newspaper: Positive comments about goods and services sell for 60 rubles per item

25.09.2013 Metro Newspaper

Leaving negative or positive comments turned into profitable business. Up to 50% of comments are banned by Russian shops. In the USA this problem is handled yet by the Highest Court Instance. Alexey Andreev told about how to generate a flow of positive comments using fair means.

Metro Newspaper: Russians are tired of flow of brands.

07.06.2013 Metro Newspaper

Thousands of goods shout 'Buy me!' from shop's shelves. Conumers are tired of trade marks and would prefer to save only a third of them. This results are made after the survey of 134 thousand people from 23 countries about their attitude to 700 leading brands conducted by Havas company. Svyatoslav Tarasenko, correspondent of Metro Newspaper, asked Depot WPF branding agency to comment how the results of the survey are relevant in Russia.

Forbes Magazine: Women's Fate

03.11.2012 Forbes Magazine

Rockwool company, the producer of heat- and sound-insulated materials, stakes on women. Ivan Prosvetov, editor of Forbes Magazine, asked Depot WPF branding agency, the author of Rockwool promotional strategy, to comment the reasons for this solution.