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Izvestia:Russia as a kerchief and a kaleidoscope


The editorial board of the newspaper «Izvestia» share the impression of the pre-concept of the touristic brand of Russia, presented on Friday. The next step - the popular vote for the best soulution.

The Dieline: Shopping list in Top-10 packaging projects of the last week

29.03.2016 The Dieline

The Dieline published Top-10 Packaging Projects & Articles of the last week. Shopping list by Depot WPF is in front position of this list.

The Dieline: Shopping list by Depot WPF


The Dieline published Shopping list created by Depot WPF. The project bases on the simplest and the most iconic metaphor of shopping — a shopping list.

The Dieline: Catch The Touch

06.02.2015 The Dieline

The Dieline - the most visited website on package design in the world published our bed linen bran concept Catch The Touch.