Molochnaya Kultura

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Molochnaya Kultura - Портфолио Depot

This was a complex project which saw us devise the positioning, naming, shape, and design of packaging for a company, Dairy Culture (Molochnaya kultura), which combines the best features of a traditional farm with high-tech production techniques. Ideas associated with local farming, the environment, and personal responsibility are highlighted on the packaging by means of a descriptive text box and photographs of a farm and the surrounding countryside.

Each cup of Dairy Culture has detailed information on the lid pertaining to the batch it is from, right down to the exact time it was produced, the name of the foreman who milked the cows, and even the weather conditions at the time. Moreover, the specially designed ergonomic shape of the packaging testifies to the high-tech production processes used by the company.

Molochnaya Kultura - Портфолио Depot

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