KARAT Domashniy

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This new project is the third one in terms of KARAT's complex rebranding. Prior to it, we presented classic processed cheese range redesign and Violette soft cheese redesign. In 6 months after the rebranding the amount of sales grew by 68%.

New range — KARAT Domashniy — united such products as cottage cheese, sourcream and butter.

Fara Kuchkarov, strategic director of Depot: «We decided these products are perfect to be united under one brand: all of them are 100% natural, produced following a simple recipe and are offered at an affordable price.»

The strong and emotionally warm naming (Domashniy means «homemade») mandated how its packaging design would look like. It doesn't contain any complicated color schemes and photos, it's simple and even naive at some point. Looking at the packaging you understand that this item is produced at a modern factory, but it's absolutely simple and natural.