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PEC company operates works in the field of transportation of cargoes since 2001. During this time the company has become one of the industry leaders, taking possession of a significant market share. The identity of PEC company had not been modified for 15 years. At the same time over the past few years the company has faced many changes. Therefore, PEC company has gone beyond the B2B-direction and starts working in the B2C segment — primarily due to the growth of e-commerce areas. In 2014, the company also started delivery goods fr om China.

Depot team was tasked with rebranding of PEC company considering the specificity of the logistical business and modern trends of visual communication. Based on the first phase of the strategic plan the positioning of the company has been formulated. The essence of the PEC brand was defined as «transport company you can trust».

Albina Iskakova, the Acting Marketing Director of PEC: «It was important to find a solution that would allow the brand remains relevant through 5-10-15 years.»

Alexey Andreev, CEO and Managing Partner of Depot: «Such a strong brand as PEC must have a common strategic pivot. All integrated communications: design, creativity, different channels of advertising, BTL and promotion, PR-activity and much more should strictly conform to company's development strategy, cause these activities are an integral part of the brand strategy and positioning. First of all, we had to conduct an extensive research and analysis with the aim of formulating the brand strategy. As a result, we have identified three main blocks, affecting the formation of a strong brand. We found consumer insights for all target groups and analysed business objectives of the company with its strengths and weaknesses, product offering, prices and more. In addition, the competitive environment and global market trends has been studied cause all these factors (from the social to the macroeconomic) can affect the development of PEC company. Thus, consumers of all company’s services have also been segmented and fully examined.»

Alexandr Zagorsky, Creative Director of Depot: «We started with the transport, not with the logo, because the lorry side is the main advertising medium — the face of the brand. It was a defining factor while working on the identity of the company. The main task behind our team was to create a concise and flexible tool that can be scaled for different tasks. Simple and concise decision in the logo not overloaded with extra style elements became the basis for further development.»

Red packaging boxes for general cargo became one of the main elements of corporate style. These material objects come in contact with the potential consumers and must be associated with the brand, regardless of the context. Photo Style plot where the company staff deliver the parcel and the clients get their cargos, is a logical development of the corporate identity. By the way, PEC company didn’t not invited models. The real employees of the company took part in photosession — from line workers to top managers — and their children.

The new corporate identity includes the further development of the company. A case in point is the emergence of new umbrella brands. The first one is a brand of a sport team PEC: Sport that has already been launched.

Albina Iskakova, the Acting Marketing Director of PEC: «Rebranding for PEC is an investment in the future of the company. Brand PEC is already known to almost all entrepreneurs of the country (the company served 1.5 million customers in the past year). Today, with access to new markets and the gradual penetration in the B2C sector, it is important for us that all people can see the consistent visual identity of our company.»