Brand book and retail book

The final stage of the development of the brand identity is the regulation of the rules of its application. We draw up several documents, each of them covering a certain range of tasks. At the same time, all of them are aimed at making work with the brand simple, understandable and convenient both for marketers, brand managers and designers in house, and for external partners.

The minimum set of rules required to work with brand identity is contained in the mini-guide for corporate identity constants. In it we describe:
– Sign and logo;
– Building a branded block;
– Color scheme;
– Branded fonts;
– Branded graphics;
– Photo style.

Brandbbook describes brand positioning, regulates the rules of use of corporate style constants (similar to mini-guide) and formulates the principles of media design at various points of engagement with the brand. Internal communications can be described within the framework of the brandbook or placed in a separate guide.

Branchbook or retailbook is needed for brands working through sales and service offices. It contains standards of space design, recommendations on branding elements, materials and technologies. To work in a digital environment, rules are collected in a UI-guideline.